Many misdemeanor and felony charges and convictions can be sealed such that they are deemed to have never occurred. Civil and firearms rights are restored. We usually do multiple expungements with each client.


The crime does not need to be listed on applications because it was deemed to have never occurred. The records are physically sealed and computer entries removed. Mugshots should be removed. Felons become non-felons. Civil and hunting rights are restored.

Statutory Authority:

Oregon Revised Statute 137.225

Firearm Rights Restoration

Firearm rights can be restored for many law-abiding citizens with past felony convictions. The felony conviction cannot have been a “person felony” committed with a firearm or deadly weapon.


Gun rights are restored in Oregon only. Check with a lawyer in another state to determine the effect of an Oregon firearms restoration in that state. This procedure is available when expungement might not be an option. Firearm and hunting rights are restored.

Statutory Authority:

Oregon Revised Statute 166.274

Reduction to Misdemeanor

Many felony charges can be reduced to misdemeanors, even years after the fact. The most common felonies eligible for this procedure are Class C felonies and Class B felony marijuana possession and delivery.


This procedure is available when expungement might not be. It eliminates felon status, which leads to new job and housing opportunities. Civil and hunting rights can be restored.

Statutory Authority:

Oregon Revised Statute 161.705


We provide legal representation for people with felony records. During a phone consultation, we will give you a good idea if you are eligible for rights restoration and how to go forward. We will usually start by ordering a criminal background check from the Oregon State Police. 

Most cases require no court appearance. The total time from start to finish can take up to six months. Get started now.