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Jesse and Elizabeth Lohrke pull together years of legal experience to help clients with Rights Restoration, Family Law, Juvenile Law, and Criminal Law cases.

We clear up criminal records, restore firearm rights, and gain relief from registration for our clients. Our Rights Restoration service is accurate and complete at an affordable price. We serve all of Oregon.


We help people choose the right family law forms, fill them out, and file them with the court. Unbundled representation gives you the power of an attorney’s advice while representing yourself.



Jesse Lohrke

I am an experienced Oregon attorney who helps clients with child welfare, criminal defense, rights restoration, hunting, firearms, and landlord-tenant law. My clients recommend me because I am a dedicated advocate. I draw on a wealth of legal experience to advise clients through difficult times. I am a fourth generation Oregonian and a veteran of the United States Navy Submarine Service. At the University of Oregon School of Law I studied trial law and criminal defense. Law Office of Jesse Lohrke opened in 2011 and became Lohrke Law in 2016 when my wife, Elizabeth Lohrke joined our practice as an attorney. Lohrke Law is a top-notch and affordable law firm for people all over Oregon. We achieve good results at prices people can afford. I enjoy protecting the rights of people prosecuted by the government and helping clean up criminal records. People deserve a second chance and I am passionate about providing that opportunity. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

Elizabeth Lohrke

I love being able to help resolve difficult situations for people. I bring a wealth of legal experience to my law practice and efficiently help clients. I am a trial lawyer, but offer unbundled services that allow people to represent themselves with my help. My focus is on giving clients good representation at rates they can afford. I am a dedicated attorney for my clients in matters that include family law, restraining orders, stalking orders, and criminal defense. Additionally, I work around the state on Rights Restoration matters. Building on an established Rights Restoration practice at Lohrke Law, I expunge criminal records, reduce felony crimes to misdemeanors, restore firearm rights, and seek relief for eligible people who register. I understand good people need a good lawyer to put bad situations behind them. My rates are reasonable because I have raised a family and know what it is like to pay the bills. Whether you need legal advice, help filling out family law forms, or representation in court, please give me a call; it will be worth your time.


Rights Restoration

Rights Restoration means clearing up criminal records, restoring firearm rights, and gaining relief from registration. We offer a premium Rights Restoration service at an affordable price. We help people all over Oregon clean up their records.

A free phone call will help you determine your eligibility and likely costs.

Rights Restoration services usually cost from $1,000- $2,000.

Our Rights Restoration service is cost-effective because of the systems we built over years. When Lohrke Law handles your Rights Restoration case, you know it will be done right. We have years of demonstrated success because we research the most complicated issues and dig into the deepest county archives across the state of Oregon.

Our Rights Restoration is Complete and Includes:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Legal Determination
  • Confidential Background Check
  • Retrieval of Court Documents
  • Secondary Consultation
  • Preparation and Filing of Legal Documents and Distribution of fees.
  • Representation
  • Hearing 
  • Notices to Ensure Rights Restoration Complete
  • Final Records Check to Ensure Rights Restored

We won’t waste your time or money. We give people a realistic idea of what to expect — what are the odds of success, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

Family Law

We are proud to offer unbundled family law services. We recognize people can’t always afford a lawyer to handle an entire case, but they need advice and help choosing the right forms and filling them out.

Unbundled Family Law fees range from $200 to $2,000 depending on the level of service.

With unbundled services, people know what they are getting into. There is no worry about hourly lawyer’s fees because unbundled family law services have flat rates.

We help people represent themselves in many areas:

  • Divorce Forms and Filings
  • Child Support Modification
  • Parenting Time Modification
  • Responses and Orders to Show Cause
  • Child Support Calculation

Traditional legal representation means hiring a lawyer to take care of every part of your family law case. However, some people can’t afford dozens of attorney hours. Unbundling legal services means Lohrke Law can help you understand the legal landscape and the forms you need. It means you get the advice and support of a good attorney while you represent yourself.

We help people all over Oregon.

Lohrke Law has two locations:


Jesse Lohrke 541-357-6788

795 West Seventh Avenue Eugene, Oregon 97402

Fax: 541-343-8021

Elizabeth Lohrke 541-357-7817

241 E Broadway Suite 3 Eugene, Oregon, 97401

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