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Criminal Defense

Jesse Lohrke is an experienced criminal defense attorney representing people accused of a wide range of crimes and violations. Jesse presents well-investigated, current, and strong cases to the judge, jury, and prosecutor. His client’s get the time and attention they deserve. Read More > 

Rights Restoration

Jesse Lohrke helps restore the rights of people with criminal convictions. He restores gun rights, expunges criminal records, and reduces felonies to misdemeanors. Most felons are eligible for rights restoration.  A consultation determines your eligibility. Read More>

News and Information  

New Crimes Eligible for Expungement

New Crimes Eligible for Expungement

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Oregon expungement law is about to change in a big way. Many people with Oregon Class B felonies for drug possession, delivery, and other crimes will suddenly become eligible for expungement on January 1, 2016....
How to Keep the Police off Your Land

How to Keep the Police off Your Land

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A police car follows you down your driveway. An officer peers through your home’s windows. Sheriffs hike across your property looking for evidence of a crime. It is under your control whether these and similar intrusions...


  • I came to Jesse because I was trying to get a better job and I was concerned that I would be discriminated against because of my criminal record. He quickly researched the relevant facts and informed me. He then introduced me to an exciting specialty of his: reducing felony charges to misdemeanors, restoring gun rights, and expunging criminal records entirely. He has done some amazing work for me over the last few months and it has been surprisingly affordable. I am super excited about my future now. Anyone with a criminal record should be talking to Jesse about fixing it.
  • Until Jesse represented me, I had no idea there was (or even could be) such thing as a holistic attorney! (disclaimer: my description of him, not sure how he feels about it:) ) Throughout my case, which came at an already very difficult time in my life, Jesse was not only highly professional and knowledgeable, but personally respectful and caring. He explained everything completely (several times in fact!); presented me with all possible options; answered my questions to satisfaction and researched those he was not certain about. He answered my calls personally or returned them promptly. I came to trust him immensely throughout this time. In fact, I credit Jesse Lohrke greatly with the successful outcome of my case as well as my personal life situation during that time. He is not only a great lawyer - he is a wonderful person!
  • Mr. Lohrke did a fantastic job of representing me. His initial recommendations to me were fair and suitable to my situation. When I explained to him my specific needs and the extenuating circumstances he went to bat for me tirelessly. It took a while and he never slowed down or suggested to me that I needed to compromise. I give Mr. Lohrke my highest recommendation and I believe you are in very good hands if he is representing you.