Criminal Charges

Jesse Lohrke has gained acquittals at trial for clients charged with driving under the influence, reckless driving, hit and run, careless driving, prostitution, nuisance, harassment, and other charges. He’s had charges dismissed in cases that include assault, harassment, theft, driving under the influence, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, interfering with a police officer, noise disturbance, misrepresentation of age, and others.

When you are charged with a crime, the money and power of the government are against you. You have the Constitution for protection, but you must correctly assert your rights. A​ good criminal defense lawyer is ready to seize opportunities that are not obvious. The Constitution is implicated the moment a police officer looks at ​a person with suspicion. Under the Constitution are laws, rules, and court cases that can be used to prosecute or defend. ​Jesse knows them, understands them, and uses them to defend his clients.

More cases should go to trial and Jesse will consider trial first. His duty is to be prepared and get you the best possible outcome. He will give a realistic assessment of your case and thoroughly prepare to increase your chances of a favorable outcome. Jesse earns the trust clients place in him.

Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII)
Reckless Drive/ Driving While Suspended / Driving Crimes
Show Cause
Resisting Arrest / Interfering with a Police Officer
Alcohol, Noise, Party, and 'College' offenses
Misrepresentation of Age by a Minor
Property Crimes
Animal Abuse and Neglect
Restraining Orders and Stalking Protective Orders